What to do this February Break: The Postfun Staycation

February break… a breath of frigid air in a cold, dark, depressive season. To make matters worse, more than 50 percent of you just spent valentine’s day alone. In addition to this, your travel plans are bust because a hungry fella ate a bat this time last year and now you have to see your roommates more often.

But it’s not all a bummer...

If you’re a student like myself, or even someone with some spare time over the next week, there are ways to take yourself out on the date that you deserve while following covid-19 guidelines. Here is the Postfun guide to treating yourself right this February Break!

Step one: Physical Activity

We all know that the 19 in Covid-19 stands for the pounds we gained, but this step is mostly about your mind. Taking a hike out in nature is a great way to rid yourself of stress and maybe reduce that Covid-19 to a Covid-18 in the process. Find a hike that suits you here.

Step Two: Food/Drink

Halifax is full of socially distanced restaurants and bars at various price points. Last week, I went to Lot Six for some of the best oysters and cocktails I have ever had. This was before my car engine blew and I spent the money to repair it. My February break will now include a heavenly, yet affordable, burrito from Gus’ Pub and maybe some El’Diablo beer from Good Robot.

If you're also in Halifax, be sure to visit Hopyard for a rare live music experience at the Burry EP Release Party.

Step 3: Change of scenery

You are tired of your apartment/home and like me, you are tired of the weird noises your neighbours make (Only serial killers do laundry at 3 am). So why not book an Airbnb or hotel for a night. Call up some friends make a night out of it! The Four Points hotel downtown provides excellent and sanitary services, and if you are looking for more of a road trip, Cape Breton has beautiful cottages for booking at Cabot Trails.

For more staycation tips or for the BEST burrito on the Gus’ Pub menu, send me a message at and I’ll answer right away.

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