The Forgotten Marketing Strategy

Postfun: The Forgotten Marketing Strategy

I researched various print ads in last weeks blog to learn ways that artists could creatively market their music in magazines and on posters.

Thinking about the ways that print ads are formed influenced me to notice something that I see every day and have forgotten about.


I know what you're thinking and you're right.

Artists usually don't have enough money to buy Kraft Dinner, let alone pay for a billboard ad downtown...

While this is true in my situation, I still think there's a lot to learn from billboards that can be applied into other marketing endeavours.

Here are 6 super cool billboards.

  1. Netflix is a Joke

Netflix is a joke billboard ad

No joke, this ad gets you thinking until you remember what is means. Netflix's comedy campaign paired digital advertising with this billboard to help make connections.

2. Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator billboard ad

Several artists operate with a IYKYK style. The marketing strategy is awareness, and if you know Tyler, you're aware after seeing him on this billboard.

3. Spotify's Anderson Paak.

Spotify and Anderson Paak. Billboard ad

With the font alone, you can tell that this is a Spotify ad. It's important to have continuity and consistency in all marketing endeavours.

4. Eskom's Electricity

Eskom billboard ad

This ad demonstrates the potential for creativity even when limited to a rectangle of space. Although it wouldn’t pack the same punch in the daytime. Thinking about the context in which people will view your ad is important.

5. Tylenol's Pounding Headache

Tylenol billboard ad

Depending one where an ad is placed, the opportunity to use what’s around it for clever creativity should definitely be explored.

postfun boys

Luh yuh and thanks for reading. Checkout last weeks blog to learn more about creativity in prints ads.

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