Print Ads: Getting Noticed

Postfun: Print Ads: Getting Noticed

While Spring is approaching fast and music creators everywhere are finishing up projects, many are thinking of ways to promote their projects. I know Postfun is…

Different advertisement vehicles can be useful for different things, but the fact of the matter is, print media still holds a valuable place in marketing media, and print ads have been fascinating me lately.

XLL Magazine Featuring DaBaby

So, I took the opportunity to look at some ads that might teach me a thing or two about how to grab attention. I grabbed a copy of XXL Magazine Featuring DaBaby on the cover naturally…

This is the first great print ad I came across:

Cinematic World print ad in XLL Magazine

Cinematic World Website

1.) The Cinematic ad is minimalistic and to the point. As a result, it demands attention, and then the numbered list demands readership.

2.) The use of language narrows its audience and informs the viewer of what is expected, the organization's culture, and when targeted correctly, it establishes a relationship with the viewer.

3.) It is paired with technology. Once scanning the code, the process demands as little as possible from the viewer.

55% of viewers spend less than 15 seconds reading an article, so it is essential to make marketing content as quick and easy as possible.

Postfun Print Ad and QR code

In 2021, content creators are expected to use every advertising vehicle there is, and this includes print ads. They are much more powerful than they sound… and easy too!

Postfun Band Photo

Love you! Check out last week's blog where I reviewed the six month milestone of Postfun.

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