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In the music industry, there has always been discomfort with the idea of artists “selling out”. Usually, this is a result of an artist changing their authenticity. If you are a growing artist, know that this simply isn’t the case. There are plenty of ways to remain authentic while striving for industry success. The Sex Pistols provide a good example of how NOT to do this. This is what went wrong in their marketing…

User Positioning

Virgin Money's Twitter. Photo of Sex Pistol MasterCards

When Virgin Mastercard put the Sex Pistols on their credit cards with the slogan “time for consumers to put a little bit of rebellion in their pocket”, everyone knew what MasterCard was trying to achieve, but fans had no clue what the Sex Pistols were thinking.

Salient Beliefs

Sex Pistol MasterCards

This came off as both ironic and hypocritical. Especially after the Sex Pistol lyrics “your future dream is a shopping scheme”. Bottom line, it conflicted with the strong beliefs that listeners had about the Sex Pistols and reduced their authenticity.

Purchase Motivation

Sex Pistol MasterCards

Both parties failed at this one. Why would anyone look at a Sex Pistols Mastercard and say either “I want to listen to the Sex Pistols more” or “I should grab a Virgin Mastercard to put some re