Finding your Fanbase: 4 Ways to Grow Your Fanbase as a New Artist

In order to make a living off of your music, you need 1000 fans, according to Damien Keyes. These are not listeners, but people that will buy your merch, show up to every show near them and they will share everything you put out. When the number is trimmed to 1000, suddenly this goal seems attainable.

So, the question is “who are these 1000 fans?”. The good thing is that they are definitely out there. You just need to know where to look! Here are four ways to find your fanbase.

Stay Authentic

Tyler the Creator
Tyler the Creator

You don’t need to sell out to make a living in the music industry. And even still, those who sell out and make money are doing it authentically. Your message as an artist shouldn’t change.

When communicating with a new audience, there is a difference between changing your message and changing your language.

Get to Know Them

Mac DeMarco Stage Diving
Mac DeMarco

In order to communicate with your audience, you need to know some things about them. It is much easier if you have some listeners already, but if not, start by comparing your music to a more successful artist with a similar sound. Look at their fan base and narrow down exactly who your average listener would be. It is useful to fill out these 5 segmentation variables.

-Geographic (Where do they live?)

-Demographic (Age, Gender, Pronouns?)

-Socioeconomic (Class, Education, Occupation?)

-Psychographic (Values, Lifestyle?)

-Behaviour (What do they interact with?)

Communicate with Them

Postfun's Instagram Page
Postfun's Instagram Page

If your research was performed correctly, you will know exactly which social media's your potential listeners are on and what they like to interact with.