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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Recording studios are my favourite service. The journey towards self-expression in the music industry is an endlessly rewarding process, though there are times that the service doesn’t scratch the itch for customers.

Below, I’ve created a rulebook that all recording studios should follow if they wish to deliver the best recording experience one could imagine.


The producer

It’s not the tools, it’s the handyman. At the top of the list, this step is integral. A producer should be able to communicate with musicians to ensure they put their best work into their recordings. Producers are more important than their preamps or what’s in their microphone locker. A producer keeps you awake and motivated.

Pricing model

This is the number one problem studios and musicians encounter in the studio. It is important to reduce any stress an artist is feeling in the studio when recording, and if a studio is charging by the hour, this will force musicians to stress about their time and rush through their recordings. A contract style of pricing lets musicians put in the time that their art deserves. Hourly pricing

is better suited for the mixing and mastering process of tracks.

Comfort and vibe

Musicians should feel welcome, relaxed and motivated in a studio setting, and the aesthetic of a studio can achieve this. I’m sure many people enjoy the comfort of their messy bedroom when writing songs but when you are paying for the experience, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for some swept floors and shiny gear. A huge part of the process are the Instagram stories that go along with it.


Coffee is the industry standard fuel of the music industry. Songs are written about coffee while drinking coffee. Without it, there is no art. So, if it’s so important, why are so many studios filled will Tim Hortons cups at the end of the day? A nice studio should have a nice coffee maker.

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