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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Today, in order to create a career in music you need to do it yourself. Online marketing agencies can serve as effective tools to help you grow your platform and brand. allows you to structure your ad campaigns with their tools and promotional algorithms on all of your socials. Here are three tools has to help you boost your online following.

1.) Generating Spotify Pre-Saves

With 286 million Spotify users, it is important to tap into the Spotify algorithm. Generating pre-saves for a song before its release is one way for your music to get noticed by the Spotify algorithm. makes it easy for a follower or potential listener to pre-save your song or even receive an award for doing so such as this example. ->

2.) Running Audio Ad’s

On social media, an artist must be deserving of a user’s attention, and today it is much harder to do so without video/audio content. provides tools for making your audio/visual content look professional and captivating for a potential listener. Find out how to do it, here.

3.) Create a Landing Page with Call to Action

Landing pages are an excellent promotional tool because they are direct and to the point. More consumer interaction can be generated with a call-to action or an engaging offer such as the one in this example. ->

With affordable pricing options, allows you to carve your way into the Spotify algorithm with creative freedom.

You already believe in your music, so see who else will believe in it after using!


Thanks for reading! If you want, check out what we are promoting for the new year!

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