1/2 Year in Review: What has happened and What is to Come...

Today marks half a year since Postfun announced its existence.

As a result, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned…

.....and what’s to come....

We all know what happened this time last year. It is the same unfortunate conversation you have with the friends you haven’t seen since.

“... So how’d you spend quarantine?”

You get it and you’re over it. But if you’re anything like me, you’re especially over hearing about the people who spent quarantine “treating themselves right”.

Everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy, but in the midst of a global crisis, this was the last place to have a competition. I believe this social media influence made quarantine a lot harder than it had to be for some people.

Take me, for instance.

I locked myself in the basement, rented some microphones, recorded music in the day and watched all of Twin Peaks and drank Olands all night.

Not going to lie, it was awesome at first, but I gained a few pounds, I wasn’t friendly to myself and these times are important to talk about. Things like social media and the constant covid news made things difficult.

The good thing that came out of quarantine for me however… was Postfun.

I released my first song, When the Wind Shifts out into the world.

I played all instruments aside from Saxophone, performed by Jacob Hatfield and I produced the track alongside Jason Jenkyns who engineered and mixed the project for me.

Although several of my music heroes choose the DIY style for their music and play every instrument, I think it’s something I’ve grown out of for the time being.

Spending 5 hours on the drum kit to get a good take just isn’t the effective route. The process is more rewarding and efficient with a way good drummer.

Legendary DIY Records

I can promise you that the new music I’ve been working on is a step up from the last single. So why don’t you take a listen to become comfortable with the old before I tip the couch over with the new? Listen here.

If things like isolation and social media have you down, there are ways to decompress and relax. Check out last week's blog to learn about the Postfun stay-cation.

If you been here since October, I luh yuh. If you're new here, get ready to share some memories over the next six months, because I plan to deliver the goods.

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